Maden Industrial Ltd. specializes in abrasive blasting and the application of protective coatings. Located in Tecumseh, Ontario, just outside of Windsor, our facility is situated on 11 acres of yard. In our interior climate controlled blasting and paint booths, we can facilitate almost any sandblasting and painting needs. We also have two mobile units for those things that can’t be moved.
Maden Industrial Sandblasting & Engineered Coating Solutions started small in October 1999 and has continued to grow over the years. We have done a variety of projects ranging from hand railings, to industrial shop floors, to up to 200 ton cranes. We have the man power, facility and the know how to get your project done.


  • Abrasive Sandblast to all SSPC standards
  • Hot Water Power Washing with Biodegradable Degreasers (Industrial Cleaning)
  • Sanding & Wire Brush Cleaning (Hand /or Power Tool)
  • Architectural Profiles & Blasting
  • Texturing


  • Epoxy Primer & Topcoats
  • Waterborne Primer & Topcoats
  • Urethanes / Polyurethanes Topcoats
  • Inorganic & Organic Zinc Primers
  • Mastic Epoxy Primer
  • High Heat Paint Systems
  • Direct To Metal (DTM) complete Systems
  • Shop coat Quick Dry primers
  • Automotive Primer, Topcoats and Clears.
Painting and Sandblasting Maden Industrial
Painting and Sandblasting Maden Industrial
Sandblasting and Painting Maden Industrial
Painting and Sandblasting Maden Industrial