— Grinding up to 144’’ diagonally, Max Height – 66’’, Chuck size – 120’’, Max weight – 33,000lbs —

Blanchard Ground Pieces Maden Industrial
Blanchard Grinding Maden Industrial Ltd
Blanchard Grind Maden Industrial Ltd

Blanchard Grinding, technically referred to as Rotary Surface Grinding, is a quick and efficient way to remove stock from a workpiece one side at a time using abrasive stones. Magnetic materials are held in place by an electromagnetic chuck/table, while non-magnetic materials are held using a fixture.

Dimensional tolerances of approximately 0.001’’ parallelism and flatness per foot across a surface are typically achieved with Blanchard Grinding.  Surface finish will range from 63 microinch rms to as high as 32 microinch rms, with most material leaving the trademark Blanchard cross hatch pattern. Using “geared heads’’ and significantly greater horsepower than compared grinding methods, Blanchard Grinding provides an unmatched method to remove large amounts of stock with unique precision.

Maden Industrial delivers precise grind finishes on ferrous and non-ferrous materials alike. We are equipped to handle custom “one offs” as well as production grinding to meet all of your requirements.  

With several Blanchard Grinders available, we are capable of timely turnarounds at a moment’s notice.  

Maden Industrial strives to meet or exceed customer specified tolerances.

Blanchard Grinding Capabilities:

  • Grinding up to 144’’ diagonally
  • Max Height – 66’’
  • Chuck size – 120’’
  • Max weight – 33,000lbs
Maden Industrial Blanchard Grinding

Maden Precision Finishes:

  • Thickness to size: +/- 0.003’’
  • Flatness 0.0010’’ per foot
  • Parallelism +/- 0.0015’’ per foot
Blanchard Grinding Maden Industrial