Maden Industrial Ltd. believes that the health and safety of all associates is of primary importance. It is our continuing objective to conduct operations in a safe and healthy manner thus protecting our associates from personal injury and health hazards.


Maden Industrial Ltd. believes in a PROACTIVE, systematic approach to health and safety.  To demonstrate this, we have set forth the following objectives as part of our PROACTIVE health and safety program.

Promote joint consultation and cooperation of all associates including members of the Joint Health and Safety Committee to ensure effective participation in all matters concerning health and safety.
Reduce and strive to eliminate the risks from all health and safety hazards to protect  associates from personal injury and illnesses.
Operate in a manner that meets or exceeds all applicable legislation, industry standards and other requirements.
Address associate issues and concerns regarding health and safety in an effective and timely manner.
Communicate our health and safety policies and procedures to all associates, visitors and/or contractors of Maden Industrial Ltd. on a regular basis.
Train associates to understand our health and safety program and ensure they are competent to perform their duties without risk to themselves or others.
Implement and continually improve our health and safety management system.
Verify the integrity of our health and safety management system through internal and external reviews and audits.
Ensure senior management, managers, team leaders and associates are committed to and are held accountable for their individual roles and responsibilities in the success of the health and safety program in order that everyone adhere to health and safety policies, procedures and legal requirements.