High Definition Plasma Cutting

Metal Processing Windsor Maden Industrial

A highly accurate cutting process using “plasma” – an electrically conductive ionized gas that is forced by an electric current through a plasma torch, creating an arc to penetrate through the desired material.

Plasma offers a more economical choice to laser cutting with competitive quality and cutting speeds up to 2 to 3 times faster.  


  • Thicknesses up to 2-1/2’’      
  • Widths up to 144’’
  • Lengths up to 600’’
  • Contour beveling

Oxyfuel Cutting

Metal Processing Maden Industrial

For cutting plate up and above 2-1/2’’ thick we rely on the trusted cutting edge technology provided by Messer Cutting Systems of Oxy Fuel burning. A process where a steady stream of oxygen pierces through the material thickness, oxidizing the metal in its path leaving a smooth clean cut edge on either side.


  • Thicknesses up to 12’’
  • Widths up to 144’’
  • Lengths up to 600’’
  • 2-1/2’’ Contour beveling

Superior Quality

Superior Quality Maden Industrial
  • True Hole Technology – produces significantly superior hole quality than what has been previously possible using plasma.
  • ProNest – Nesting software allows us to reduce waste and production time and ensure competitive pricing

Stocked Steel Grades

  • 1020 Mild steel
  • A36
  • 44W
  • 50W
  • A572
  • 4140
  • AR400
Metal Processing Maden Industrial
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