Summary Table of Surface Cleanliness Standards

SSPC DesignationNACE DesignationISO DesignationTitle What Must Be Removed What Can Remain 
SSPC-SP1NoneN/ASolvent Cleaning1Grease and oil contamination No visible grease & oil
SSPC-SP2NoneN/AHand Tool CleaningLoosely adhering materialsTightly adhering materials
SSPC-SP3NoneN/APower Tool CleaningLoosely adhering materialsTightly adhering materials
SSPC-SP4NoneN/ADiscontinued N/AN/A
SSPC-SP5NACE 1Sa 3White Metal Blast All mill scale, rust & paintNothing 
SSPC-SP6NACE 3Sa 2Commercial Blast All mill scale, rust & paintUp to 33% stains3
SSPC-SP7NACE 4Sa 1 Brush-off Blast Loosely adhering materialsTightly adhering materials
SSPC-SP8NoneN/APickling Grease, oil, dirt, mill  scale and rustNothing 
SSPC-SP9NoneN/ADiscontinued N/AN/A
SSPC-SP10NACE 2Sa 2 1/2Near-White Blast CleaningAll mill scale, rust & paintUp to 5% stains3 
SSPC-SP11NoneN/APower Tool Cleaning To Bare MetalAll mill scale, rust & paintNothing 4 . Must minimum 1 mil profile
SSPC-SP12NACE 5N/AHigh & Ultra-High Pressure Water JettingVariable, depending on level (WJ1, WJ2, WJ4)Variable, depending on level (WJ1, WJ2, WJ3, WJ4)
SSPC-SP13NACE 6N/APreparation of ConcreteN/AN/A
SSPC-SP14NACE 8N/AIndustrial Blast Loosely adhering materialsUp to 10% intact rust, paint or mil scale. Stains on remaining surface permitted2,3
SSPC-SP15None N/ACommercial Grade Power Tool CleaningAll mill scale, rust & paintUp to 33% stains 3,4 . Must have minimum 1 mil profile

1 Prerequisite to all methods of surface preparation if deposits are visibly present.
2 Remaining materials considered tight if they cannot be loosened with a dull putty knife.
3 Unit of surface area is 9 square inches.
4 Slight residues from pain and rust can remain in the bottom of the pits of the original surface is pitted.